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Two detailed summaries can be auto-generated for Executive or Technical staff. Each provide an in-depth overview that can be exported for reporting.

Graphs & Charts

Automatically generated and responsive charts provide a clear and concise view of your password security posture.

Continuous Improvement

Use the in-built Wordlist Generator or the suggested Hashcat masks to greater identify the plaintext passwords for security consultants or internal auditing.

What is it for?

Pwdlyser is the password analysis and reporting tool for Active Directory, database exports, and a wide variety of other environments to automate the analysis and report of user account passwords, with an aim of providing consistent results for organisations, security consultants, and penetration testers.







Why audit passwords?

In an age where organisations are constantly in the news due to data breaches and leaks, especially where those breaches where caused due to poor internal network security, it is imperative that organisations are pro-active with their user education.

The first step towards building a strong security posture is to understand the current state of your environment. The next step involves using this new knowledge to improve user awareness
and technical controls.

How can we help?

Through using Pwdlyser you can instantly identify the key areas where your organisation’s passwords are at their weakest. When using Pwdlyser as part of your internal security auditing routine you can easily create customised reports using the in-built Executive and Technical Summaries feature.

Organisations that have used the Pwdlyser toolset regularly have seen clear improvements when using this in conjunction with regular security and password awareness sessions.

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Pwdlyser CLI

Try the original Python based command-line version that we offer freely through GitHub. 

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Pwdlyser GUI

Get started with auditing passwords through a basic Windows graphical interface absolutely free


Pwdlyser Enterprise

Get the very latest cutting edge password analysis and reporting software that is targeted for the enterprise. Soon to be released.

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Pwdlyser GUI v1.0 Released

Pwdlyser GUI I am happy to now be able to release a ‘feature complete’ version of Pwdlyser GUI. Please visit this link to go to the download page. This version[…]

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Pwdlyser GUI Beta v1.1 Released

Download 266kB SHA256:5609D19A7A6733E6F26F4EF29C5818BEA521DB9797AB8B61516523EF6EED51BE  

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2017-07-01 0

Pwdlyser GUI Beta v1.0 Released

A Windows version of Pwdlyser has now been released. The download can be obtained through the Windows page. Source code will be available once some minor refactoring and commenting has[…]

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2017-07-01 0

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